Costa Rica

One of the reasons I volunteer in other countries is because I absolutely love to travel, and I believe travelling with an impact is just so much more meaningful for me personally. I also volunteer here at home, but I just love learning about the diverse cultures and the different people this world has and it's incredible to me. It's incredible how just a few short hours away on a plane, people can live so differently than us in North America.

From the moment we arrived in Costa Rica, I already knew this mission trip experience would be a lot different than my last one. Knowing all my team members ahead of time had definitely helped us work together as a team. Each person supported one another and had each other's backs. It makes such a big difference, especially doing a construction project where a lot of us didn't have the knowledge. We stayed in a homestay with an incredible family who was so welcoming. We were so far from home but it still felt like home there too.