And Beyond


Tia Abbott


Cape Breton


I am a wedding photographer based out of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, but visit Ontario often, and loooove to travel. I enjoy a good road trip, especially with snacks + an energy drink. My favourite thing to do is hang out with fun couples and their favourite people while photographing special moments. I've always loved stories, which might explain how I ended up becoming a visual storyteller. I became a wedding photographer for the people, so expect me to be right in there with all the action and emotion.

I am such a sentimental person, and I truly value the importance of something that can bring back a flood of emotions and memories. I'm also probably one of the most emotional people you will ever meet, so don't mind if I am just casually crying during your ceremony, haha!

When I'm not photographing lovely people, you can find me swimming in the ocean, reading a good book off of my very-full bookshelf, making a gourmet meal to fuel my daily workout, or cuddling with my cute pups! I enjoy waking up early, and being asleep before midnight. I love adventures & exploring new places. I love the feeling of my toes in the sand & ocean water on my skin. I'm as extroverted as an extrovert can get. Oh, and I can sometimes be so positive it's annoying. (But I'm proud of that).


Fun Facts


My favourite secret pass-time activity is playing Nintendo Animal Crossing. Have the game? Send me your friend code!

I love a good book, especially by Jodi Picoult

I am 100% a morning person!! I'm bright & cheery first thing when I wake up, but am not a force to be reckoned with after 10pm. Oh, & my partner is the opposite so that's always fun LOL.

Elephants are definitely my spirit animal. I visited Laos, Southeast Asia in my first year of college to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary and it was the most amazing, spiritual experience! But also the hardest 2 weeks ever.

I wanted to be a meteorologist (yep, you read that right!)

I'm pretty sure I leave every wedding with a new bruise. I'm known to be a bit of a klutz, but anything for the image, right?

I strongly believe in the 12 universal laws and their magic.​