I would love to hear from you!


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Here's how things usually go

1. Send me a super fun message about who you are and why we are going to have so much freaking fun on your wedding day! *Cue the happy dance*

2. We chat, set up a phone/video/in-person meeting (if that's your jam) so we can gush over your love story together!

3. Send the deposit, book your date, and let's get started! Read through the wedding guide I send you, answer fun questionnaires & plan the day of your dreams with me!


Engagement sessions are SO awesome as it is a great way to have a chance to work with your photographer before the big day. You will learn how we work together, become comfortable with the posing prompts used on your wedding day, and create a great bond and comfortability between us. I strongly encourage couples to choose a location that has a special meaning, or take part in an activity that you enjoy doing together!

I typically work alone, but I do have the option to add on an additional photographer. I always am sure to bring along another photographer who works well with me, and has a similar approach and personality as me! I do work fantastic alone though and have mastered the art of being in the right place at the right time. Chat with me further to see if a second photographer is a good fit for you!

I have both hourly packages and an "all-inclusive" option when it comes to wedding photography. My favourite option is all-day coverage! As a storyteller, I need to be there to document each part of the day. This allows me to create a visual storyline of all the special moments you experience. You will have me by your side from the last few touches of getting ready in the morning, all the way to the first bit of dancing. Each image included will tell a part of the story so that you can completely relive your day. My documentary approach allows you to fully be in the moment and not miss a single second of this special day. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in everything you're feeling and trust that I am there to document all the big and small moments, and everything in between. 

Sneak peeks are delivered within 1 week and the full gallery is ready within 6 weeks typically - though I always aim for sooner!

I shoot in a documentary style throughout the day, and utilizing prompts and connection to create beautiful portraits for you and your loved ones. This approach brings out so much emotion in the images, that you will realize there are no "bad" angles of you. You will become so comfortable in front of the camera, not even realizing that I am there! I focus on movement, interaction, & prompting you to have fun together and be in the moment. This results in you fully enjoying each moment as it happens, and me being able to gift you with authentic images that help you relive the day. No awkward poses here!

All bookings are first come first serve. I book your date tentatively, and contacts/retainers are due within one week of being received. Dates are not secured until a deposit AND contract has been returned to me!

To secure your date, a retainer of 50% of the total investment is required at the time of booking, with 25% of the total balance being non-refundable. The remaining balance is due 1 week before your wedding date. If more time is needed, a payment schedule can be arranged. Please ask for more details if this option interests you!

For smaller sessions - cash and e-transfer are accepted. For weddings - e-transfer is preferred, but credit card is also accepted. Credit card is subject to a 3% service fee. Payment plans are also available upon request.

100%!!! I am ALWAYS down to meet for coffee or chat over video to discuss wedding plans and your big vision. Let's schedule something! Don't worry, this is 100% no-obligation.

I would love to see what brings you inspiration for your day, but I never copy images and use my gut to guide the day with you! Pinterest is a great source for inspiration for your big day, but that's only what it should be used for. Capturing how the day unfolds naturally creates authentic and genuine images of how your day went. I often use photos for prompt and posing inspiration, but will allow my creativity and the moment to dictate how an image is created. No 2 weddings are ever alike, as are no 2 galleries. Your gallery will be unique to YOU and YOUR love!

My editing style reflects my artwork and personality within the images. I will not edit images in any other way than how I feel the most comfortable. I am a true-to-colour artist, which means I want to provide you with a gallery that visually looks exactly as you remember the day unfolding. This creates timeless, beautiful images that look great on any wall. I will use the light as is, embrace all weather and environments, and make sure that everything flows seamlessly. Nature is not consistent or coherent, so neither are my galleries. Different light and different scenes create different visuals, bring you right back to how the moment really looked. My goal is for you to feel as if you are right there, back in the moment. My approach and editing style will allow you to relive the day exactly as you remember.

DUH! Yes!!! Let's follow each other on Instagram and hangout! I'm here to help you plan, hangout with you during this whole process, and enjoy each moment we are together. It is SOOOO important to feel comfortable with your photographer, so make sure you love my outgoing and fun personality as we will be spending lots of time together! 🙂