Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Travel Blog

This past April, my Mom and I took a trip from Toronto, Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta. This was my first time visiting out West, and it was a great experience! I didn't get to see everything, but that just means I have to go back, right?

There were a few reasons we decided to book this trip. First, there was an incredible seat sale! Like I mean $250 round trip. Insane. I know. Both Air Canada and West Jet had a seat sale and it was the cheapest tickets I have ever seen for travelling within Canada. Second, my Mom used to live there and had friends she wanted to visit. We visited some of the places in her neighbourhood and where she used to live. Lastly, but most importantly, we went to visit her brother she had recently discovered. This whole trip was so amazing!

Our first day there, we headed straight to West Edmonton Mall. This has to be the coolest mall ever. A waterpark, indoor amusement park, attractions, arcade, over 800 stores, a bar/nightclub strip, and so much more! Talk about crazy. I obviously had to make a Build-a-Bear, and ride the big rollercoaster. It was kinda scary riding through the mall on a rollercoaster. Everywhere you turned in this mall, you saw another attraction, feature, etc. I couldn't get over how BIG it was! Basically like 3 malls combined. I'm so glad I finally got to visit the famous West Edmonton Mall.

The second day was focused on meeting family. It was so cool to meet my uncle and cousins. My little cousin Kylie is SO smart! She just turned 2 and can speak fluent conversations in both English AND Spanish! I was blown away. We also visited Elk Island National Park! We drove right up beside Buffalo and experienced so many cool things during our drive. We saw a fox up close, and got to pet some horses too. I got some fantastic pictures!

The third day we visited all of the areas my Mom remembers. This included her school, neighbourhood, apartment building, etc. After that we went to Whyte Ave. Basically a street similar to our downtown here in Ontario, with unique shops and great restaurants. I found some really cool things there and FINALLY tried Cinnaholic cinnamon buns. So delicious!!! I can't wait for them to open up in Ontario.

Day four we celebrated Easter with my Uncle and family. It was great getting to spend some time with sweet little Kylie before we had to head back to Ontario.

On the fifth day (our last full day), we visited the Sunlife Financial building in Edmonton as my mom works at Sunlife here in Ontario. After that, we visited the Muttart Conservatory where you can see all different kinds of plants. The cool thing about this place is that the plants are organized in pyramids according to climate. Beautiful space to do portraits or shoot a wedding... next time!

It was sad to leave but I can't wait to go back again. I look forward to visiting Jasper and Banff next time too! Until my next adventure...

Tia, xo