Exploring Picton, Ontario

At the end of July, my dear friend Madison and I visited Picton, Ontario for 2 days. It was such a fun little getaway and I can't wait to share all the fun stuff we did! After a long 4 hour drive through awful traffic, we finally made it to Picton. We had a tight itinerary as we were only there for 2 days. Our first stop was the motel!

While there, we stayed at the most adorable little motel called The June. If you haven't heard of it, you seriously need to check it out. It was the cutest place with such an awesome vibe to it! I have done up a whole separate blog post on this amazing place to stay, but here is a picture to show just what I mean:

As soon as we arrived, we poured ourselves a glass of wine and got ready for the evening! We had dinner reservations at 7pm at a winery close by called Waupoos. This gorgeous winery was only 15 minutes from where we were staying. Although the tours were finished for the day, the restaurant was still open. Thank goodness we made reservations because wow, does that place ever all up quick! There was no spots for walk-ins that Sunday night, so we were relieved when we booked our reservation.

Dinner was absolutely Incredible!! The chef was so accommodating with creating a vegan meal. Wow, was it ever delicious! We shared a delicious loaf of bread with olive oil to start, and I had a mushroom risotto as a main dish. We also enjoyed a nice glass of wine of course. I was very impressed with the food and atmosphere at this winery! It was an overall great experience dining here and I would definitely recommend. After dinner, we grabbed our glass of wine and explored the vineyard grounds. It was a beautiful sunset, perfect temperature, and delicious wine!

The best part of this vineyard is that it sits right on a lake. With the sun setting, everything was a gorgeous purple/pink colour. I couldn't resist a few portraits!

After dinner, we headed back to the motel for some wine and a campfire. It was quite the night! We put on a chick flick and made smores and veggie dogs over the stove. Take a look at our cosy room!

After breakfast, we went for a bike ride through the hills of Prince Edward County. What a beautiful place to spend a few days. It was a VERY hot day, and it is NOT east biking up hills, but we did it! We even managed to take a few pictures.

A gorgeous view from the top of the mountain! I'm not much of a biker. Honestly I don't remember the last time I rode a bike. But, it was fun nonetheless and a great way to explore the town a little bit more. There was some beautiful scenery and a gorgeous little lake at the top as well as a lookout.

Next up was a trip back to Waupoos for some actual wine tasting! Across the street from the winery were some farm animals with access to gate so we could pet them!

I have an absolute love for goats. I think they are the cutest little things, so friendly and happy. They love to eat and even enjoy pets and snuggles. They also really like games, if you couldn't tell... haha!

Our last stop before heading home was the Sunflower Field! On our way to Picton, we tried to visit Bogles - I am sure you have all heard of it. It's the amazing sunflower field just outside Hamilton with thousands of sunflowers blooming in late July. Well the place was open for business until that Saturday it blew up! It got so busy they had to shut down, so that explained why the road was closed when we got there. We ended up finding a sunflower field in Picton called Sunflower Fields! It was quiet, and not busy at all. Perfect for photos!

What an amazing weekend away! There was still so much to do in Prince Edward County. But that just means I have another reason to go back! Such a quiet and enjoyable little town. Picton really is a great town with delicious food, beautiful views and adorable little stores. I can't wait to go back!