Flowerpot Island

This past Summer, my family and I took a trip to Sauble Beach and rented a cottage. It was such a great trip! We made a little day trip to Tobermory since it is only an hour from Sauble Beach. While there, we took a boat over to Flowerpot Island! What a gorgeous place and a really cool boat ride.

We started the journey with a boat ride to visit old shipwrecks. These boats had been here for years! What a cool thing to see! I wonder if anything is down there left int he boats ... anyone want to go treasure hunting?

Once we arrived on the island, we set out on a hike. We ventured along the furthest path that takes you around the whole island. Such a gorgeous walk. The path takes you along the coast of the island, leading you eventually to the Flowerpots.

The colours and greenery on this island were absolutely breathtaking! I am blown away by the beauty nature has to offer. The waves were incredibly high this day as it was quite windy. They advised us not to swim, but a little dip doesn't hurt right? We were playing on a level of flat rock and allowing the waves to crash over us. It was so fun! The water was SO clear! Sparkling blue and so fresh. A little cold but that's worth all the fun!

After a long walk, we finally arrived at the Flowerpots! These rocks were created naturally over the years. They get their name "Flowerpots" from their abnormally tall shape! Such a cool natural occurrence that nature has created. We walked around the flowerpots to get a close-up view. You can even climb them and swim around them. How cool!

There were SO MANY SQUIRRELS! Everywhere we turned, there were these little orange squirrels that loved people. They would come right tup to you and hangout. One kissed my sister's finger, and another one crawled up Justin's leg! They were such cute little guys and I didn't want to leave them!

It was such a fun day and I would DEFINITELY do it again. They have caves there that were unfortunately under construction so hopefully next time we are able to walk through the caves and explore. Until then!