KW Family Photographer – Mother-son Session

From the first year I started photography, I have had a family that has hired me every year for different occasions. As a relatively new photographer in the industry, it is so amazing to have loyal clients. It is even more amazing watching those clients grow.

Since he was just a wee baby, I have been photographing little Connor and boy has it been an adventure. He is so active and adventurous. He has the soul of a free spirit (as every child does) and truly has a smile that can make anyone's heart melt. But what I really love about him is the love he has for his mom. Now, all children love their parents. They all cry for them and follow them around. But this little boy has more than that, I swear. These 2 are the best of friends and I pray that they never lose that connection.

This session was such an experience! With these 2, it's never a dull moment. For instance, the photo above, after running towards me Connor leaped on top of me and I almost lost my camera! But it was so worth it because look how great the image turned out! Connor had to say hi to every dog, and also made friends with a teenage girl that was walking by. I swear he would have just walked away with her if we let him. He is so friendly and so loving. It warms my heart just knowing him. This family is so special and dear to me. I am so grateful to know them, and all if his aunts and grandparents too. I really hope I get to watch him grow up and show him these memories. That is the favourite part of my job.