Laos, Southeast Asia

I had signed up for this trip as it was a mission trip. I would be staying at an elephant conservation centre in Sayaboury, working with elephants and the people of the centre. I also volunteered at a school close by. We taught the children (around age 10) english words relating to numbers, fruit, family, etc. It has now been almost 2 months since I my trip, and I cannot stop thinking about my experience. What I can't explain to people is how I've changed mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now that I've come back, all I want to do is travel again. To where people understood what it was like to be somewhere completely new but still feel at home. The people of Laos were so kind and welcoming. It's such a beautiful country with such beautiful people. I'm so blessed to have been able to connect with the young children who are so eager to learn and willing to try new things. I will never forget the gentle giants that have been given the opportunity to escape logging and live a happy, healthy and interactive life. I will forever continue to try and help from home where I can. This world can be so beautiful.