Cape Breton Adventure Elopement

I am so excited to share this Cape Breton Adventure Elopement with you! Katie and Brodi went on a road trip from Ontario to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for their wedding. They decided to elope at the Meat Cove Mountain Overlook. After getting ready together at Highlands Hostel, they put on their hiking boots and made their way down the 35-minute Meat Cove Mountain Trail to a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean.

Katie and Brodi were such troopers—the snow was deep but was starting to melt so it was icy, and our feet kept sinking into the icy snow, cutting up our ankles. Katie, the poor thing, already had frostbite on her ankles from a hike a couple months prior! Brodi was always helping her up, but Katie loves to hike and was way ahead of us most of the way there. It was only 9 degrees but the sun felt so warm, we were sweating by the time we got to the summit. Katie and Brodi exchanged vows at the top of the lookout and shared their first kiss to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean.

In Katie's words: “Hiking has always been something that helps me feel grounded. But in 2020, I had a Pulmonary Embolism when I was 10 weeks pregnant with my son. This changed my life, and my doctors were really pushing me to get more active but I didn’t want to go to the gym. So where did I go? Outside. I hiked, hiked, and hiked. I started hiking farther and adding more elevation. It helps calm my anxiety, it keeps me moving, and I can also bring my kids along! Fast forward a little and now I am completely hooked on hiking. When my Fiancé and I were planning our wedding, we wanted to incorporate nature in every way possible. We ended up deciding on a road trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, hiking to a pretty spot for our vows and having a very intimate elopement experience. Just us, and nature. It felt so true to us and the photos are so incredible. There’s nothing I would change about the day. It was simple, romantic and my favourite memory I have.”

If you're getting married and are interested in having an Adventure Elopement in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I'm your girl! I'd love to photograph your wedding. Please reach out to me here to find out if I'm available on your desired date.

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